What can you see on a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound?

When the pregnancy reaches the seventh week, this marks a transition period for the baby. The embryo is slowly transforming into a fetus. When you go for a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound, it will let you know how your baby is growing in your womb. An ultra sound will provide a sense of wellbeing as well as emotional comfort for parents seeing that their baby is doing fine.

An ultra sound at 7 weeks pregnant shows much progress and development of the fetus. It is possible to notice the hands as well as nostrils which have already began to form. The fetus's genitalia will also begin to form during this week. One of the most amazing things that you can see at a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound is the fetal heartbeat. It is possible to determine the fetal heart rate as well which is usually much faster than that of an adult human being. The fetus's facial features apart from the nostrils will also begin to develop. With the help of an ultrasound, it will be possible to observe the eyes and mouth as well as the aforementioned nostrils.

As the hands and feet of the baby develop in this week, it will also be possible to observe its little fingers and toes. Some of the fetus's internal organs have also developed and are beginning to play important roles in the growth of the baby. The appendix, liver and pancreas are such organs. The liver's growth space is taken up by red blood cells for carrying the needed nutrients and oxygen. The bone marrow also begins the task of forming the blood cells that are needed by the fetus.

The fetus's kidneys will also be very visible in their formation when the mother goes for a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound. It is often recommended that a trans-vaginal ultrasound should be used. It helps you see the developing features very clearly as well as a more definitive fetal heartbeat can be observed.

Another very observable aspect about being 7 weeks pregnant is that the symptoms of pregnancy now become very clear. This will often make the mother complain. Some of the observable changes will be the mother's new inability to control her emotions. Morning sickness is also likely to be experienced. One problem that is very common is the condition of rapidly begins to stretch. This often leads to the development of stretch marks. There stretch marks are caused by the stomach swelling. There is also the possibility that a hormonal imbalance may cause the developing of acne. The pregnant mother should be very careful about the acne treatment she opts for especially if she is experiencing skin breakouts. It is highly recommended that she consults a medical practitioner before she resorts to any specific type of treatment.

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Body Changes in the mother

The mother's belly will have doubled in the last five weeks. Her blood is about 10% more than it was before she was pregnant. By the end of the pregnancy, her blood levels will still be about 40%-45% more than her normal levels. This is because she needs to provide the full nutrient requirements for her almost fully grown baby. As the baby grows in the mother's womb, some emotional and physical links are formed. The most important physical link will be formed during this week. This is the umbilical cord.

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound 2

The mother's breasts appear a little swollen and may still feel a bit painful. Pregnancy symptoms vary significantly so some pregnant women may not experience all the symptoms that are mentioned in this article. Some may experience a dislike for some kinds of foods while others will develop a lack of appetite in general. This is a big area of concern since the mother needs to eat enough both for her and her baby even if she lacks appetite. Some may experience a dislike for some kinds of foods while others will develop a lack of appetite in general. This is a big area of concern since the mother needs to eat enough both for her and her baby even if she lacks appetite. Other noticeable changes also include frequent visits to the bathroom and some women will also experience headaches.

Another aspect of being 7 weeks pregnant is the mother need to prepare adequately for the changes that have and are about to take place. Her normal clothes will no longer fit her growing waist area and she needs to get herself clothes that will. As her stomach grows bigger and bigger in the following weeks, people will begin to notice as she needs to respond to how people treat her when she is pregnant. This is however more in the social aspect of her lifestyle. It is very important that the mother keeps hydrated and eats a healthy and balanced diet.

Overall the 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound is a great experience, as the mothers will get in touch with their unborn child for the first time